Water for Impact Themes.

The aim of TU Delft | Water For Impact is to promote water research that contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals agenda, and has multidisciplinary science, technology and innovation at the core of their work.

More than 152 researchers work with 68 partners in 24 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and across seven themes. These themes are Water for: drinking, food, health, industry, cities, environment and values.

Water For Drinking

Developing new technologies, methods, systems, and policies to ensure equitable and affordable access to safe drinking water.

Water For Food

Addressing inefficiencies in planning and farming, improving irrigation practices, and developing new technologies to provide sufficient water for growing the world's food.

Water ForHealth

Providing access to good sanitation, on a small and large scale, to reduce the economic and societal burden of water-borne diseases.

Water For Industry

Exploring new sources and sectoral synergies to optimise water usage for industrial practices.

Water For Cities

Supporting the development of urban areas by reducing spatial inequality through policy and planning and minimising the gap between available water sources and the water demands by reducing inefficiencies, exploring new sources, and identifying linkages and synergies between sectors.

Water For Environment

Stewardship of the entire watercycle to minimise the negative effects of human activity on the environment.

Water For Values

Ethics in engineering and design: understanding the fundamental role of water in human flourishing and economic development and recognising that role in research and implementation.

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Water For Impact.

TU Delft | Water For Impact is part of TU Delft | Global Initiative and centres on valuing water, specifically the need for safe and affordable water for everyone around the world in seven themes.