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Our goal is to act as a portal for research that addresses very relevant worldwide water challenges. Water for drinking, water for health, water for environments, and more. Sanitation for the globe's cities, mitigation of floods and droughts, and the timely delivery of water of sufficient quality for society's and nature's needs.

Our members carry out research in both Europe and the Global South, fostering long standing links with Africa and Asia.

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We integrate human-centred participatory design principles.

To open up local, on-the-ground knowledge and creativity. We use this approach in order for everyone to become a water technology inventor, safeguarding local values, perceptions and desires.

Water resources are critical for survival, safety, human wellbeing and dignity.

We believe in action and testing our ideas in the field and that low resources should not necessarily mean low tech. We are proud to share many of the technological fruits created by Water For Impact.

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22 — 24 Mar 2023, New York

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Water For Impact.

TU Delft | Water For Impact is part of TU Delft | Global Initiative and centres on valuing water, specifically the need for safe and affordable water for everyone around the world in seven themes.


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